MV素材追加パーツ 砂場 の記事でアップした地面チップに合わせた水アニメパターン。




This material is a usage condition that it is a follower of REFMAP's Twitter account (@ refmap _ fsm). Materials for "RPG maker MV" are often found in mistakes and faults later, because of the large amount of information in the data due to the size and number of colors, so we can inform you frequently for the correspondence We will only allow you to use it. Sorry to trouble you, but please understand.
Regarding materials to be announced in the future, the same rule will apply for "RPG maker MV" compatible material.


· This image data can be used for free as a material for game creation.
· In use, contact is not necessary.
· You can distribute processed image data (but distribution of unprocessed image data is prohibited).
· The right of this image is owned by "REFMAP".